Use case: handling strings using DqStringHandling routine - 7.3

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In this use case, a three-component Job uses several DqStringHandling functions concurrently to handle several given strings.

In this Job, the three components are:

  • tFixedFlowInput: this component provides the strings to be handled by the DqStringHandling routines you select.

  • tMap: this component transforms the given strings using the DqStringHandling routines you select.

  • tLogRow: this component displays the execution result of this Job.

To replicate this use case, proceed as follows:

From the result, you can see that the contains_only_initials row outputs false because there is a space in front of U.S.A. while the contains_only_initials_after_trim presents true because this space is trimmed; the safe_trim row presents U.S.A. with the space trimmed and the safe_concat row outputs U.S.A. Global Business Services.