Using context variables to connect to the report database - 7.3

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You can use context variables in the report editor to define the datamart connection where to store report results.

You can define context parameters and use them to execute data quality reports in different configurations, Prod and Test for example. There might be various testing stages you want to perform and validate before a group of reports is ready to go live on production.

Talend Studio offers you the possibility to create multiple context data sets. You can either create context data sets on a one-shot basis from the Preferences window of Talend Studio, or you can create context data sets from the Contexts node in the Integration perspective and store them in the Talend Studio repository.

You can then select any of these repository context variables from the report editor in the Profiling perspective and use them to store report results.

For further information about contexts and how to centralize them in the Talend Studio repository, see Using contexts and variables.