Using the Properties view in the data model editor - 7.3

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The data model editor has a Properties view that details all the properties of the currently selected element (entity or attribute) in the editor. The properties in the view are arranged in different categories in order to represent the element linguistic presentation, validation rules, access rights, etc.

From this view, you can easily edit any of these properties and see the change in the data model on the fly.

Before you begin

You have already created a data model, with the corresponding business entities and attributes.

About this task

To edit an element in a data model from the Properties view, do the following:


  1. Open the data model that holds the elements you want to modify.
  2. In the data model editor, select an element (entity or attribute) to display its main properties in the view.
  3. Click, any of the tabs in the view to display the corresponding properties and modify them according to your needs.
    All your modifications will reflect in the data model editor on the fly.