What is Talend Data Quality? - 7.3

Talend Data Fabric Studio User Guide

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Talend DQ Portal is deprecated from Talend 7.1 onwards.

Your Talend Studio is a comprehensive data quality and data management solution that comprises several main elements:
  • The Profiling and Data Explorer perspectives where you can analyze data and browse and query analysis results.
  • The Integration perspective where you have access to a set of components and routines dedicated to data quality. This enables you to embed data cleansing capabilities in the data transformation/integration processes.

    From the Integration perspective, you have access to hundreds of components for all data integration needs including many data quality components that are used to cleanse data.

    For detailed information about data quality specific components, see the data quality chapter in the Talend Components Reference Guide.

  • A web-based platform, Talend DQ Portal, that shares the results of the analyses and further exploit them.

    It provides advanced reporting and analysis and allows to compare current and historical statistics to determine the improvement or degradation of data.