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About this task

If you have a great need of log, statistics and other measurement of your data flows, you are facing the issue of having too many log-related components loading your Job Designs. You can automate the use of tFlowMeterCatcher, tStatCatcher, tLogCatcher component functionalities without using the components in your Job via the Stats & Logs tab.

The Stats & Logs panel is located on the Job tab underneath the design workspace and prevents your Jobs Designs to be overloaded by components.


This setting supersedes the log-related components with a general log configuration.

To set the Stats & Logs properties:


  1. Click the Job tab.
  2. Select the Stats & Logs panel to display the configuration view.
  3. Set the relevant details depending on the output you prefer (console, file or database).
  4. Select the relevant Catch check box according to your needs.



You can save the settings into your Project Settings by clicking the button. This way, you can access such settings via File > Edit project settings > Job settings > Stats & Logs or via the button on the toolbar.

When you use Stats & Logs functions in your Job, you can apply them to all its subJobs.

To do so, click the Apply to subJobs button in the Stats & Logs panel of the Job view and the selected stats & logs functions of the main Job will be selected for all of its subJobs.