Changing the type of an element from a simple type to a complex type - Cloud - 7.3

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About this task

The following example shows how to change the type of the element MoreInfo in the Agency entity from a custom type to a complex type:


  1. In the Data Model Entities area, click the element MoreInfo.
  2. From the Properties view, click the Main tab.
  3. Click the Change Type button to open the Change Element Type dialog box.
  4. Select Complex Type, click Next, and then enter a new name for the complex type you want to use for the element.
    In this example, enter AgencyInfo, which you can define later in the Data Model Types area.
  5. Click Finish.
    The type of the element MoreInfo is changed from a custom type MoreInfo to a new complex type AgencyInfo.
    Now you can define the complex type AgencyInfo in the Data Model Types area according to your needs. The definition changes will be synchronized in the Data Model Entities area immediately.
    For more information about how to add complex type elements, see Adding complex type elements to entities.