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About this task

To configure XStream Out in Talend Studio, do the following:


  1. In the Repository tree view, set up a database connection using OCI connection type to an Oracle database, and then retrieve the schema of the source table in which data changes are to be captured. In this example, the source table is PERSON. For detailed information about how to set up a database connection and retrieve table schemas, see Centralizing database metadata.
  2. Right-click CDC Foundation under the newly created Oracle database connection and select Create CDC from the contextual menu. The Create Change Data Capture dialog box opens up.
  3. Select XStream mode and click Show sample initialization script. The Sample Initialization Script dialog box opens up.
    Note that this is only a sample script for configuring XStream on an Oracle 12c server, you need to update the username, password, and tablespace information according to your settings and run the statements and procedures in Oracle. For detailed information, see Prerequisites for the XStream mode.
    Click OK to close the Sample Initialization Script dialog box.
    Click Finish to create CDC in Oracle and close the Create Change Data Capture dialog box.
  4. Right-click the source table and select add CDC from the contextual menu.
  5. Right-click the source table and select Generate XStreamsOut Script from the contextual menu. The XStreamsOut generation script dialog box opens up.
  6. Fill in the XStreams server name field with the outbound server name. The name must be a unique one.
    Identify the source table(s) by selecting the check box(es) in the corresponding Include in script column.
    Click Generate Script. The XStreamsOut Script dialog box pops up.
  7. Click Execute to create the XStream outbound server in Oracle.
    Note that if the script execution fails, you can connect to the Oracle database as an XStream administrator and run the script in Oracle.
  8. Connect to the Oracle database as an XStream administrator and check the status of the outbound server by running the following statement:
    select apply_name, status from dba_apply;
    If you need to remove an outbound server, run the following statements: