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About this task

This automatic mode can only be applied to the Hadoop distributions officially supported by the Studio, that is to say, the distributions you can find in this Hadoop Configuration Import Wizard window.


  1. In the Distribution area, select the Hadoop distribution to be used and its version.
  2. Select how you want to set up the configuration from this import wizard.
    • Retrieve configuration from Ambari or Cloudera: if you are using a Hortonworks Data Platform or a Cloudera CDH cluster and your cluster contains its specific management platform: Hortonworks Ambari for Hortonworks Data Platform and Cloudera manager for Cloudera CDH, select this check box to directly import the configuration.

    • Import configuration from local files: when you have obtained or you can obtain the configuration files (mainly the *-site.xml files), for example, from the administrator of the Hadoop cluster or downloaded directly from the Web-based cluster management service, use this option to import the properties directly from those files.