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The Process used to run a View results can have a number of steps and plugins. The Process will map MDM to the source system and then retrieve data from the source system to complete the record.

For further information on Process types, plugins and the procedure to create a Process, see Processes.

When a steward or a business user connects to Talend MDM Web UI and browse the records/views of the business entity/entities, the Process will lookup the defined elements (values) from the source system and display them in the web user interface without really saving them in the MDM Hub.

Before you begin

  • The MDM server is up and running.

  • You have already connected to the MDM server from Talend Studio.


  1. Follow the steps outlined in Creating a Process from scratch to create a normal Process.
    In this example, the process is named LookupLocation.
  2. Add a step name in the Step Description field and click the plus button to add it to the Steps Sequence list.
    In this example, one step Sample is added.
  3. Click the step name to display the Step Specifications area.
  4. From the Plugin name list, select callJob.
    If needed, click the Help button next to the Plugin name list to see more information about the parameters.
  5. Set the Process input variable name to _DEFAULT_.
    The default input value is a text, its format is as the following <cluster name>.<concept name>.<ids>, and you can use it to do the cross referencing in your customized Job.
  6. Set the Process output variable to output.
  7. In the Parameters area, enter the following parameters for the calljob plugin:

    This process invokes a Job, DetermineRegion, to connect to the source system that holds the data you need, the agency region in this example, and then retrieves this data to complete the Region field in the data record in Talend MDM Web UI.

    For more information about the Job, see the scenario Buffer of the component tBufferOutput.

  8. Click the save icon on the toolbar or press Ctrl + S on your keyboard to save the Process.
    The newly created Process is listed under the Process node in the MDM Repository tree view.