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For an SVN or Git managed project, a tag is a read-only copy that records the current state of the project at the point of time the tag is created.

Note: Only Git is supported for project collaboration on Talend Cloud.
Tip: When working in a tag, you can make changes to your project items, but you will be unable to permanently save your changes to an item unless you copy the item to a branch. For how to copy an item to a branch, see Copying a Job to a branch.

The following procedure describes how to create a tag for a project in Talend Studio.

Available in:

Big Data

Big Data Platform

Data Fabric

Data Integration

Data Management Platform

Data Services Platform


MDM Platform

Real-Time Big Data Platform

If you are working on a project managed by Talend Administration Center, you can also create a tag in Talend Administration Center. For more information, see Talend Administration Center User Guide.

Note: Close all open editors in the design workspace before trying to create a tag. Otherwise, a warning message will appear prompting you to close all open editors.