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From Talend Studio you can easily create simple views over the same business entity or composite Views over multiple business entities held in the same data model.


You can also create multiple simple Views over the same business entity to allow users to have different predefined accesses on the records by defining different search criteria in each View. The # character is used to create multiple views on the same entity; for example two views on the Agency entity may have the following names: Browse_items_Agency and Browse_items_Agencynt#UK where the second View will give access only to agencies based in the United Kingdom.

Note also that, for improved readability, in the MDM Repository view, Views are stored in subfolders by type and only the second part of the name is displayed.

Creating a simple View on a business entity allows a business user inside Talend MDM Web UI to visualize specific elements in this entity according to the defined criteria.

Creating a composite View on several business entities allows a business user inside Talend MDM Web UI to visualize specific elements in multiple entities according to a join clause. A composite View can provide greater insight on master data than a simple View.

Note: It is also possible to attach a Process to the View in order to transform/enrich data, on the fly, by looking up fields in the source system. For further information, see Running the view result through a Process (registry style lookup).

The sections below explain how to create each of these two types of Views.