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Talend Studio enables you to access a list of all community components in Talend Exchange that are compatible with your current version of Talend Studio. You can then download and install these components to use them later in the Job designs you carry out in the Studio. From Talend Studio, you can also upload components you have created to Talend Exchange to share with other community users.

Warning: Make sure that the -Dtalend.disable.internet parameter is not present in the Studio .ini file or is set to false.

A click on the Exchange link on the toolbar of Talend Studio opens the Exchange tab view on the design workspace, where you can find lists of:

  • components available in Talend Exchange for you to download and install,

  • components you downloaded and installed in previous versions of Talend Studio but not installed yet in your current Studio,

  • components you have created and uploaded to Talend Exchange to share with other Talend Community users.

Note that the approach explained in this section is to be used for the above-mentioned components only.

  • Before you can download community components or upload your own components to the community, you need to sign in to Talend Exchange from your Studio first. If you did not sign in to Talend Exchange when launching the Studio, you still have a chance to sign in from the Talend Exchange preferences settings page. For more information, see Configuring Talend Exchange connection (deprecated).
  • The community components available for download are not validated by Talend . This explains why you may encounter component loading errors sometimes when trying to install certain community components, why an installed community component may have a different name in the Palette than in the Exchange tab view, and why you may not be able to find a component in the Palette after it is seemingly installed successfully.