Exporting the results of impact analysis/data lineage to HTML - Cloud - 7.3

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Talend Studio allows you to produce detailed documentation in HTML of the results of the impact analysis or data lineage done on the selected repository element. This documentation offers information related to the Jobs that use this repository element including: project and author detail, project description and a preview of the graphical results of the analysis done on the impacted Jobs.

To generate an HTML document of an impact analysis or data lineage with customization, complete the following:


  1. After you analyze a given repository item as outlined in Impact analysis or Data lineage and in the Impact Analysis view, click the Export to HTML button.
    The Generate Documentation dialog box opens.
  2. Enter the path to where you want to store the generated documentation archive or browse to the desired location and then give a name for this HTML archive.
  3. Select the Custom CSS template to export check box to activate the CSS File field if you need use your own CSS file to customize the exported HTML files. The destination folder for HTML will contain the html file, a css file, an xml file and a pictures folder.
  4. Click Finish to validate the operation and close the dialog box.
    An archive file that contains all required files along with the HTML output file is created in the specified path.
  5. Double-click the HTML file in the generated archive to open it in your favorite browser.
    The figure below illustrates an example of a generated HTML file.
    Note: You can also set CSS customization as a preference for exporting HTML. To do this, see Documentation preferences (Talend > Documentation).


The archive file gathers all generated documents including the HTML that gives a description of the project that holds the analyzed Jobs in addition to a preview of the analysis graphical results.