Importing user-defined indicators from a CSV file (deprecated) - Cloud - 7.3

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This section describes a deprecated feature that is still available for use to provide backward compatibility.

You can import indicators stored locally in a CSV file to use them on your column analyses.

Before you begin

You have selected the Profiling perspective.

The CSV file is stored locally.


  1. In the DQ Repository tree view, expand Libraries > Indicators.
  2. Right-click User Defined Indicators and select Import Indicators. The Import Indicators wizard opens.
  3. Browse to the CSV file holding the user-defined indicators.
  4. In the Duplicate Indicators handling area, select:
    Option Pour...
    skip existing indicators import only the indicators that do not exist in the corresponding lists in the DQ Repository tree view. A warning message is displayed if the imported indicators already exist under the Indicators folder.
    rename new indicators with suffix identify each of the imported indicators with a suffix. All indicators will be imported even if they already exist under the Indicators folder.
  5. Click Finish.
    All imported indicators are listed under the User Defined Indicators folder in the DQ Repository tree view.


Important: A warning icon next to the name of the imported user-defined indicator in the tree view identifies that it is not correct. You must open the indicator and try to figure out what is wrong.