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About this task

In this step of the wizard, you can define the various settings of your file so that the file schema can be properly retrieved.


  1. Specify the encoding, advanced separator for numbers, and the rows that should be skipped as they are header or footer, according to your Excel file.
  2. If needed, fill the First column and Last column fields with integers to set precisely the columns to be read in the file. For example, if you want to skip the first column as it may not contain proper data to be processed, fill the First column field with 2 to set the second column of the file as the first column of the schema.
    To retrieve the schema of an Excel file you do not need to parse all the rows of the file, especially when you have uploaded a large file. To limit the number of rows to parse, select the Limit check box in the Limit Of Rows area and set or select the desired number of rows.
  3. If your Excel file has a header row, select the Set heading row as column names check box to take into account the heading names. Click Refresh to view the result of all the previous changes in the preview table.
  4. Then click Next to continue.