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  1. When you click Retrieve Schema, a new wizard opens up where you can filter and display different tables in the HCatalog.
  2. In the Name filter field, you can enter the name of the table(s) you are looking for to filter it/them.
    Otherwise, you can directly find and select the table(s) of which you need to retrieve the schema(s).
    Each time when the schema retrieval is done for a table selected, the Creation status of this table becomes Success.
  3. Click Next to open a new view on the wizard that lists the selected table schema(s). You can select any of them to display its details in the Schema area.
  4. Modify the selected schema if needed. You can change the name of the schema and according to your needs, you can also customize the schema structure in the Schema area.
    Indeed, the tool bar allows you to add, remove or move columns in your schema.
    To overwrite the modifications you made on this selected schema with its default one, click Retrieve schema. Note that this overwriting does not retain any custom edits.
  5. Click Finish to complete the HCatalog table schema creation. All the retrieved schemas are displayed under the relevant HCatalog connection node in the Repository view.
    If then you still need to edit a schema, right click this schema under the related HCatalog connection node in the Repository view and from the contextual menu, select Edit Schema to open this wizard again and then make the modifications.

    If you modify the schemas, ensure that the data type in the Type column is correctly defined.