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About this task

To retrieve the schema structure of the selected table from the Repository:


  1. Click the tMap Settings button at the top of the table to display the table properties.
  2. Click in the Value field of Schema Type, and then click the three-dot button that appears to open the Options dialog box.
  3. In the Options dialog box, double-click Repository, or select it and click OK, to close the dialog box and display the Schema Id property beneath Schema Type.
    Note: If you close the Map Editor now without specifying a Repository schema item, the schema type changes back to Built-In.
  4. Click in the Value field of Schema Id, and then click the [...] button that appears to display the Repository Content dialog box.
  5. In the Repository Content dialog box, select your schema as you define a centrally stored schema for any component, and then click OK.
    The Value field of Schema Id is filled with the schema you just selected, and everything in the Schema editor panel for this table becomes read-only.
    Warning: Changing the schema type of the subordinate table across a Join from Built-In to Repository causes the Join to get lost.
    Note: Changes to the schema of a table made in the Map Editor are automatically synchronized to the schema of the corresponding component connected with the tMap component.