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To view or edit a rule package item, proceed as the same as described in the section earlier regarding the validation step item. Thus you are able to open the contextual menu of the rule package item, labelled drools x.x (x.x indicates the version number of the package) and select Edit package to open it on the workspace of your Studio. In the following figure, the rule package item is drools 0.1.

Once opened, its contents read as presented in the figure below:

This package defines a Drools declarative model for the corresponding survivor validation flow, using the user-defined columns in the input schema of the tRuleSurvivoship component. For further information about Drools declarative model, see the manual of Drools Guvnor.


The edit feature is intended for viewing items as well as minor modifications. If you have to rewrite the whole contents, or remove or add some contents, we recommend using tRuleSurvivorship to define and organize the rules of interest and then regenerate the new rule package into the Repository in order to avoid manual efforts and risky errors.