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  1. To display the Rulers & Grid tab, click on the Palette, then click any empty area of the design workspace to deselect any current selection.
  2. Click the Rulers & Grid tab to access the ruler and grid setting view.
  3. In the Display area, select the Show Ruler check box to show the Ruler, the Show Grid check box to show the Grid, or both heck boxes. Grid in front sends the grid to the front of the model.
  4. In the Measurement area, select the ruling unit among Centimeters, Inches or Pixels.
  5. In the Grid Line area, click the Color button to set the color of the grid lines and select their style from the Style list.
  6. Select the Snap To Grid check box to bring the shapes into line with the grid or the Snap To Shapes check box to bring the shapes into line with the shapes already dropped in the Business Model.
    You can also click the Restore Defaults button to restore the default settings.