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Before you begin

  • The MDM server is up and running.

  • You have already connected to the MDM server from Talend Studio.

  • A Process corresponding to your needs has already been created.

About this task

To run the view results through a Process, do the following:


  1. Follow the steps outlined in Creating a View to create a View on the corresponding data model.
  2. Select the Run the view results through a Process check box to make the Process list available.
  3. Click the arrow and select from the list the Process you want to attach to the current View.
    In this example, select LookupLocation that is created in Creating a Process to enrich data on the fly.
  4. Click the save icon on the toolbar or press Ctrl + S to save the View.

What to do next

Now every time the business user or data steward browses the data records through this View from Talend MDM Web UI, the Region field will display the value retrieved by the Process from the source system without really saving it in the MDM Hub.

Warning: If a field does not have any original value, its data will not be updated in the View by the Process.