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A schema created as Built-in is meant for a single use in a Job, hence cannot be reused in another Job.


  1. Select Built-in in the Property Type list of the Basic settings view.
  2. Click the Edit Schema button to create your built-in schema by adding columns and describing their content, according to the input file definition.
    Warning: Avoid using any Java reserved keyword as a schema column name.
    Make sure the data type in the Type column is correctly defined.
    For more information regarding Java data types, including date pattern, see Java API Specification.
    Below are the commonly used Talend data types:
    • Object: a generic Talend data type that allows processing data without regard to its content, for example, a data file not otherwise supported can be processed with a tFileInputRaw component by specifying that it has a data type of Object.

    • List: a space-separated list of primitive type elements in an XML Schema definition, defined using the xsd:list element.

    • Dynamic: a data type that can be set for a single column at the end of a schema to allow processing fields as VARCHAR(100) columns named either as ‘Column<X>’ or, if the input includes a header, from the column names appearing in the header. For more information, see Dynamic schema.

    • Document: a data type that allows processing an entire XML document without regarding to its content.

    In all output properties, you also have to define the schema of the output. To retrieve the schema defined in the input schema, click the Sync columns tab in the Basic settings view.


    When creating a database table, you are recommended to specify the Length field for all columns of type String, Integer or Long and specify the Precision field for all columns of type Double, Float or BigDecimal in the schema of the component used. Otherwise, unexpected errors may occur.

    If you have installed the R2021-06 Studio monthly update or a later one provided by Talend, the following two buttons are available at the bottom of the Schema editor dialog box of database components for editing Db Column names:

    • : converts the Db Column name of each selected column to upper case or lower case.
    • : adds or removes quote characters in the Db Column name of each selected column by selecting Add quote or Remove quote and entering the quote character in the field in a pop-up dialog box.
      • The Guess Query function for database input components does not work when quote characters are added in Db Column names.
      • Adding quote characters in Db Column names with space characters works only if you have installed the R2021-07 Studio monthly update or a later one provided by Talend.