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You can use the tJobLog component to generate logs when executing Jobs in Studio or Tasks in Talend Management Console.

Before you begin

About this task

The example below shows how to define the log message in an Artifact.


  1. Add a subJob with the tLogCatcher and tJobLog components to the Job and connect the components with a Main link.

    If you have imported the demo project, you can drop a ready-to-use subJob from the Joblets node in the Repository tree view.

    The tLogCatcher component collects exception data and transfers it to the Studio console or to the web application. For further information, see Handling logs and exceptions.

  2. Double-click the tJobLog component to open its basic settings view.
  3. In the Level section, select:
    • Developer to provide log information to the developer to analyze or debug the execution of the Job in Studio.
    • User to provide log information to the web users regarding the execution of the Task.
  4. Define a message in the Log message field according to your needs. Below is an example of an error message:


    "Component: " + row1.origin + "\n | Error type: " + row1.type + "\n | Error code: " + row1.code + "\n | Error message: " + row1.message
  5. Select the type of the log message from the Priority list.
    You can select to display the message as an error message, a fatal error, a warning and so on.