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mdm_context is a Java object that acts as the "wire" connecting the MDM Server and the workflow engine. It contains the Update report and the full record in XML format, and can be used with a complete set of methods to access individual elements for each XPath in order to get/set values, resolve a foreign key, check workflow access rights, perform lookups in MDM and more. It is an essential element for triggering a workflow process from within MDM and must be included in every workflow.

As a Java object, it can be used in Groovy expressions in the workflow editor. For more information on working with Groovy, see Groovy Language Documentation.

For an example of using the API URL of mdm_context to populate widgets in customized forms, see Creating customized forms for workflow tasks.

A Javadoc for the MDMContext class is available in the Eclipse help, under Talend MDM > API Reference.