Upgrading Java on Linux - 7.3

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Installation and Upgrade

Upgrading Java for all Talend services on Linux

You can upgrade Java to avoid security issues. This procedure will go through the differents steps required for minor or major updates of Java on Talend services. It can also be followed for minor downgrades.

Before you begin

  • Retrieve the update_java.sh file from the tab of the menu located in the panel of this page.

About this task

This procedure applies to all Talend services, except Talend Remote Engine.

Talend Data Quality Portal and Nexus do not support Java 11.


  1. Install the new Java version according to the Compatible Java environments page.
  2. Find all the running Talend services with the command systemctl | grep talend.
  3. Stop all Talend services with the command systemctl stop <service name>.
  4. Open update_java.sh with a text editor.
  5. Locate the variables in the script and set them as follows:

    TALEND_HOME=<Talend_home_folder> (for example: TALEND_HOME=/opt/Talend-7.3.1)

    PROD_VER=<Talend_version> (for example: PROD_VER=7.3.1)

    JAVA_HOME=<Java_home_folder> (for example: JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/jre1.8.0_221)
  6. As a superuser, run update_java.sh. This script will replace the hard-coded path to Java with the new values in your installation.
  7. Restart your computer or start all Talend services manually with the command systemctl start <service name>.


All Talend services are now using the new Java version.