How to access the checkpoint list - 8.0

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  1. From the Error Recovery Management page, select the Job for which you want to display the recovery checkpoints in the Task execution monitoring list.
  2. In the lower part of the page, click the Recovery checkpoints tab.
    The recovery checkpoints of the monitored Job are listed, along with job execution logs if any.
    Note: If the checkpoint list does not display, click the Refresh button of the Recovery checkpoint view.
  3. Click the button to display the Recovery checkpoint tab in full size on the web page.


    Note: The events recorded by default in this list are of two types: either Checkpoint or System log. But you can list other types of events if you click on the toolbar and select Show other logs from the contextual menu.
    The Recovery checkpoints list provides the following information:



    Event date

    The date and time of an event taking place during the execution of the monitored Job.


    Type of the recorded events: either Checkpoint or System log (tWarn messages).

    Note: If you want to list logs other than the above two types, click on the toolbar and select the Show other logs check box in the contextual menu.


    Execution status of the event:

    • : fatal error.
    • : invalidated checkpoint.
    • : validated checkpoint that is set as the start for the recovery operation.

    Start component

    Name of the component at which job execution will be recovered.


    Name of the executed Job.


    Name of the checkpoint you entered in the Label field in Talend Studio. For more information, see Talend Studio User Guide.

    Failure instructions

    The information you typed in the corresponding field in Talend Studio. For more information, see Talend Studio User Guide.

    Log priority

    Status of the priority of the log:

    • : Job that has fallen in fatal error.
    • : Job that has fallen in error and not completed.


    The message corresponding to the log priority icon.

    Stack trace

    Detailed diagnostic message.

    Error code

    The error code defined in the Basic settings of the tDie component in Talend Studio.


    Name of the project containing the selected Job.


    Version of the Job as defined in your Talend Studio.


    Name of the context as defined for this Job in your studio.

    Virtual server

    Name of the virtual server, if any