Writing the output data into MySQL - Cloud - 8.0


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  1. In the design workspace, select tCombinedSQLOutput and click the Component tab to access the configuration panel.
  2. On the Database type list, select the relevant database.
  3. On the Component list, select the relevant database connection component if more than one connection is used.
  4. In the Table field, enter the name of the target table which will store the results of the aggregation operations, empl_by_state in this case
    The tCombinedSQLOutput component requires that an output table already exists in the database to work. That is why the empl_by_state table was created earlier in the scenario.
    In this example, the Schema field doesn't need to be filled out as the database is not Oracle.
  5. Click the Sync columns button to retrieve the schema from the previous component.
    In this scenario, tCombinedSQLOutput instantiates seven columns coming from the previous component in the Job design (tCombinedSQLAggregate): state, empl_count, avg_salary, min_salary, max_salary, oldest_empl and youngest_empl.