Creating and configuring a custom package - 8.0

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Create custom packages to group metamodel types together and export them as a single package.

You need to create a new package then assign metamodel types to the new package.

Before you begin

  • You have a Talend Data Catalog Advanced Plus license edition.
  • You have been assigned a global role with the Application Administration capability.
  • You have enabled the Show package names and Show inherited characteristics options from the More actions menu.


  1. Go to MANAGE > Metamodel.
  3. Click the menu next to the Package Filter list.
  4. Select New Package.
  5. Enter a unique package name and click OK.
    This new package is empty. You can create new custom metamodel types or reuse existing ones from other packages.

    If you create a new package and do not add any objects to it, the package will not be saved as you cannot have an empty package.

  6. To reuse metamodel types from another package, select another package from the Package Filter list.
  7. Right-click one or more metamodel types.
    Note: You have to move the items contained in each selected metamodel type to the same package, such as the attributes and relationships directly added in their properties or inherited from their parent object.
  8. Click Change package then select the custom package.
  9. Go back to the custom package.
    You now see the assigned metamodel types.
  10. Save your changes.