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The integrated Metadata Harvesting solution allows you to harvest metadata from third-party databases, data modeling, data integration or business intelligence tools.

By default, the installer software deploys and configures both Talend Data Catalog and the Metadata Harvesting solution on the same machine, where Talend Data Catalog application server accesses the Metadata Harvesting web services locally.

You can also install and configure the Metadata Harvesting solution as a remote harvesting server on another machine.

If the external tool client software is not available locally on Talend Data Catalog application server, install a remote harvesting server where the client software can be available.

For example, your Talend Data Catalog server is deployed on Linux and you need to harvest metadata using a bridge only supported on Microsoft Windows.

Installing a remote harvesting server means installing Talend Data Catalog on an application server, except that no license is required and the web-based user interface is not available.

To harvest metadata using a remote harvesting server, you need to:
  • install and configure the remote harvesting server

    You can deploy the remote harvesting server using Docker or configure it manually.

  • add the remote harvesting server to the list of servers in Talend Data Catalog
Note that some import bridges need to access Apache Maven and/or other tool sites and use them automatically to download the drivers. You can download all the drivers or only the drivers needed for a given bridge by using a command line. For more information, see Downloading the drivers by using a command line.
Warning: For security reasons, it is extremely important that access to the remote harvesting server is limited to the Talend Data Catalog application server. It is recommended to use a firewall to secure inbound access to the remote harvesting server.