Enabling notifications when a harvesting server goes down - 8.0

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Users who are a global role with the Application Management capability can receive a notification when a remote harvesting server is down.

To enable this notification type, you need to:
  • configure the email server in the Manage Email Notification page,
  • configure the Heartbeat Frequency option in the Manage Servers page,
  • configure the Max missed heartbeats field in the server properties.

A server is considered as disconnected when the maximum number of missed heartbeats is reached.

Before you begin

  • You have been assigned a global role with the Application Administration capability.
  • You have configured the SMTP protocol of your email server.


  1. Go to MANAGE > Servers
  2. In the Heartbeat Frequency field, select the frequency of the server heartbeat.
  3. Select a server in the list to display its properties.
  4. In the Max missed heartbeats field, set the maximum number of missed heartbeats from the server before it is considered disconnected.
  5. Save your changes.


Talend Data Catalog sends a notification as soon as the server is down and the maximum number of missed heartbeats is reached.