Executing and initializing Talend Data Catalog application server - 8.0

Talend Data Catalog Installation and Upgrade Guide

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The following steps describe how to execute and initialize Talend Data Catalog application server.

Before you begin

You have requested and saved your license file on your machine.


  1. Go to the software home directory and click the RestartServerApplication.sh file to start Talend Data Catalog Application Server.
    If you are using the Linux shell:
    $ cd /opt/<TDC_HOME>/TalendDataCatalog
    $ sudo ./RestartServerApplication.sh
    $ exit
    Administrators can also use the system daemon directories to control Talend Data Catalog application server, for example /etc/init.d/ or /etc/systemd/.
  2. In the TalendDataCatalog directory, double-click the Metadata Management shortcut to launch Talend Data Catalog.
    You may have changed the default port of this URL, when you have configured the parameters in the Application Server tab.
  3. Enter the credentials you received from the administrator and click LOGIN.
  4. In the Upload License page, browse for your license file and click SAVE LICENSE.
  5. In the Configure Database Connection dialog box, define the connection to the previously created database.
  6. Click Test Connection to verify the database connectivity.
    • If the connection succeeds, a success alert message displays.
    • If the connection fails, an error message displays detailing why the connection failed.
  7. Click OK, then save the database connection.
    Talend Data Catalog Application Server will create all the necessary tables in the database.
  8. Log in as Administrator with the password Administrator.
  9. If necessary, apply the latest Talend Data Catalog cumulative patch.
    For more information, see Applying a Talend Data Catalog patch.


You are now ready to use Talend Data Catalog.