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Talend Data Catalog Installation and Upgrade Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade
Here are some recommendations on how to handle your application data and customizations during the migration process.

Database server

Most application data is located on your database server.
  • Make sure you backup your database before upgrading.

    Upgrading your application also upgrades the associated database content (database schema, stored procedures, indexes and data).

    A part of the Talend Data Catalog software is implemented as database stored procedures, such as tracing lineage. A given version of Talend Data Catalog corresponds to a version of the software in the Tomcat application server and a version of the software in the database.

  • Ensure that the database has enough free space for the migration process.

Software installation directory

The software installation directory contains some critical application data and setup customizations. This table describes where you can find them.

If you have customized some of these files, you will need to copy them from the old installation directory to the new one during the migration process.

Folder Description
/data contains data from other applications:
  • MIMB\ contains the metadata harvesting cache (critical for incremental harvesting and metadata export).
  • search\ for the Lucene search engine indexes. They can be automatically fully rebuilt from scratch if the folder is empty, which can take a lot of time.
  • data quality\ for the data profiling information.
  • logs\ for the log files for Tomcat and Metadata Harvesting.
  • temp\ for any temporary files, such as from the bridges.
  • files\ for multi-process protected temporarily files used for Metadata Harvesting and Data Catalog, such as when comparing models.
  • webapps\ for the Tomcat application server cache.

The actual location of this application server data directory can be configured with the Setup utility, in the Application Server tab.

/conf contains the configuration and customizations:
  • contains the files including most of customizations defined with the Setup utility.
  • ModelBridgeList.xml contains the list of enabled bridges and their names.
  • resources\ contains any user interface customizations, such as and MetadataExplorer.xml.
  • Template\ contains the default template files of all the above files and directories. For example, it can contain an updated ModelBridgeList.xml or MetadataExplorer.xml file after applying a cumulative patch.
/tomcat/conf The file contains the Tomcat port and memory customizations.

The keystore file contains the Tomcat SSL certificates defined with the Setup utility.

/jre/lib/security contains some SSL customizations.

It is recommended to reinstall the SSL keys with the Setup utility and not reuse such directory.