Associating a naming standard with a model - 8.0

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You can associate a naming standard with a model when creating the model or later in the Naming Standards tab.

Before you begin

You have been assigned an object role with the Metadata Management capability.


  1. In the banner, go to MANAGE > Configuration.
  2. Open the model.
  3. Click the Naming Standards tab.
  4. Click Yes to enable naming standards.
  5. Select the Naming Standard object to use.
  6. Fill in the following parameters.
    Field Description
    Allow Supervised Learning Click Yes to enable the option.

    When enabled, every time you edit the (logical) Name property for columns and tables, the associated naming standard will be updated to reflect the new naming.

    The supervised learning process watches as you update the business name and identifies individual components which become the logical or business part of the matched pair between the physical name component (Abbreviation) and the business name equivalent component. This matched pair is a Naming.

    Ignore Common Prefix in Table Columns Click Yes to ignore prefixes for physical names in table columns when applying a naming standard.

    Specify the list of prefixes and suffixes in Prefixes to ignore and Suffixes to ignore.

    Capitalize First Letter of Each Word Click Yes to capitalize the first letter of each word.

    Use this option to enable the algorithm to identify specific abbreviations for namings based on both white space and a capital letter.

    Prefixes/Suffixes to Ignore Type in the prefixes and suffixes to be ignored.
  7. Save your changes.