Configuring a worksheet - 8.0

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  1. Go to WORKSHEETS > Manage.
  2. In the My tab, click the worksheet name to open it.
  3. In the toolbar, click Filters to define the content of your search.
    You can use the search box and the filtering criteria in the Filters panel.
  4. In the toolbar, click Columns to configure the presentation of your search.
    You can configure the display mode, the sort order and the columns displayed in the worksheet.
  5. In the toolbar, click the Preferences icon to define the worksheet preferences.
    • ITEMS PER PAGE: Specify the number of items on a page.
    • QUERY PANEL: Show or hide the MQL query executed based on the filter criteria.
    • MISCELLANEOUS: Toggle the word wrap of longer text in the cells.
  6. In the top right corner, click the SAVE button to save your changes.