Enabling and defining the workflow process for a custom model - 8.0

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You can enable the workflow when you create a custom model or later.

You cannot disable the workflow after it has been enabled. You can change some of the options.

A user with the Workflow Management capability object role assignment can enable the workflow.

Before you begin

  • You have a Talend Data Catalog Advanced or Advanced Plus license edition.

  • You have been assigned an object role with the Workflow Management capability.


  1. Open the settings of the custom model.
  2. Click the Workflow tab.
  3. Select the Enable Workflow and Publishing check box.
  4. Click Yes to confirm you want to enable the workflow process for this custom model.
  5. Select one or more workflow options.
    Workflow option Description
    Allow any user to propose objects You allow all the users with the Metadata Viewer object role to propose objects.
    Allow approval of objects You can submit an object for approval.
    Allow review of objects You can send an object for review.
    Publish on Approval You can request approval before publishing.
  6. Click Save.