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After creating a glossary model, you can populate it from a CSV file you have exported and edited.

You can import the CSV files of glossary objects and relationships from previous versions using the new import capability.

The attributes on the legacy glossary terms will be converted to the attributes or roles of the new glossary terms.
  • The Stewards attribute is converted to the Steward object role.
  • The Abbreviation and Alternative Abbreviation attributes are converted to the Has Acronym attribute.
  • Acronyms are automatically created under an Abbreviations term under the glossary.
  • The Status and State attributes are converted to the Workflow State and/or Workflow Deprecation Requested attributes if the glossary is under workflow.
  • The Definition attribute is converted to the Description attribute.
  • The Documentation attribute is converted to the Long Description attribute.

Before you begin

You have been assigned an object role with the Metadata Management capability.


  1. Navigate to the object page of the glossary model.
  2. Click the More Actions menu.
  3. Select Import from CSV.
  4. Select the CSV file and click Import.
    Import the files containing the glossary objects before the one containing the glossary relationships.
  5. Click the Operations icon in the header to review the log.