Performing a quick search - 8.0

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You can perform quick searches from anywhere in your configuration.


  1. Click in the Search text box in the upper right corner.

    You can see and select your previous search requests.

  2. Enter any text, in this example Account na.
    Partial entries produce search results when you type in the text.
    The search is not case sensitive for text, such as name or description, even when using double quotes. However, it is case sensitive for objects, such as label, steward name and custom attribute.
    Only the most relevant results are listed in the drop-down list. Actions like certification alter the presentation order of the search results.
  3. Optionally, click the Search Options icon to configure the search.
  4. Click an element from the list to open its page.
  5. Press Enter to show all the search results in a worksheet.