Setting the Object explorer panel preferences - 8.0

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You can access your metadata faster using the Object explorer panel.

  • Browse tab: You can explore the content of the configuration or repository with different presentation modes.
    • Tree view: You can easily navigate through the hierarchy structure of your catalog and display the properties of any item with a single click.
    • Drill view: You can focus on a specific area of your catalog and work on a long list of sibling records.
  • Search tab: You can perform filtered searches and work with a flat list of search results.


  1. Open the Object explorer panel.
  2. Click the Preferences icon on the right side of the toolbar.
  3. You can configure the following preference options.
    Field Description
    DISPLAY MODE This option allows you to show different presentation modes:
    • Tree
    • Drill
    HIERARCHY TYPE This option allows you to show different tree structures:
    • None shows a flat structure of the models in the configuration.
    • Configuration displays the tree using the structure of folders and contents defined in the configuration.
    • Repository displays the tree using the structure of folders and contents defined in the repository.
    MAXIMUM OBJECTS PER LEVEL This option allows you to specify the number of elements to display at a particular level.
    SHOW ATTRIBUTES Additional attributes can be shown in the tree, including all the curation icons as well as alternate name.
  4. You can apply root filters in the hierarchy, including category, steward and label.