Creating the parent Job - 8.0

Data Integration Job Examples

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  1. Create a standard Job and name it LoadDynamicSchemaParent.
  2. Drop the following components onto the design workspace, and label them according to their roles in the Job.
    Component Label
    tFileList File_list
    tIterateToFlow File_name_flow
    tMap File_table_lookup
    tFixedFlowInput Mappings
    tJavaRow Set_context_variables
    tRunJob Call_child
  3. Connect the components:
    1. tFileList to tIterateToFlow using a Row > Iterate connection
    2. tIterateToFlow to tMap using a Row > Main connection
    3. tFixedFlowInput to tMap using a Row > Main connection, as a lookup connection
    4. tMap to tJavaRow using a Row > Main connection (named out in this example)
    5. tJavaRow to tRunJob using a Row > Main connection
    Screenshot of the Job in the Designer.