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The input file, California_Clients.csv, lists clients from all over the State of California. It contains the data that will be loaded into the database table.

The file structure, usually called Schema in Talend Studio, includes the following columns:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Address

  • City

The following lists the content of California_Clients.csv.
First name;Last name;Address;City
Lyndon;Lincoln;644 East 1st Street;GRANADA HILLS
Iyndon;Fillmore;1109 Tanger Blvd;MISSION HILLS
Ronald;Truman;417 Santa Rosa North;SANTA CLARITA
Harry;Carter;1094 El Camino Real;CANYON COUNTRY
Calvin;Johnson;1705 Cabrillo Highway;SUN VALLEY
Benjamin;McKinley;1399 Santa Rosa North;AlISO VIEJO
William;Jefferson;573 Jones Road;TARZANA
Ronald;Washington;1250 San Marcos;WESTLAKE VILLAGE
Theodore;Johnson;957 Cerrillos Road;ANAHEIM
Chester;Monroe;1392 Harbor Dr;STEVENSON RANCH
Ulysses;Truman;367 Carpinteris Avenue;VAN NUYS