Setting up the Job environment for a basic validation rule - 8.0

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  1. From the Palette, drop these components onto the design workspace: a database input component, here tMysqlInput, that you will read and check the values of, two tFileOutputDelimited components to extract the valid data in one file and the rejected ones in another file, and a tJava component to display the number of lines processed in the console.
  2. Connect the input database component to the first tFileOutputDelimited component using a Row > Main connection, and connect the tMysqlInput component to the tJava component with a Trigger > OnSubjobOk connection.

    You will be able to create the reject link between the tMysqlInput and the second tFileOutputDelimited component only when you will have applied the validation rule to the tMysqlInput component.

    Screenshot of the Job in the Designer.