Step 4: Output to a MySQL table - 8.0

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This part directs the output flow to a MySQL table.


  1. Create the metadata describing the connection to the MySQL database. Expand the Metadata > MySQL nodes in the Repository view and double-click DemoMySQL (on the condition that you imported the Demo project properly) to open the metadata wizard.
  2. On Step2 of the wizard, type in the relevant connection parameters. Check the validity of this connection by clicking on the Check button. Eventually, validate your changes, by clicking on Finish.
  3. Drop this metadata to the right of the design workspace, while maintaining the Ctrl key down to create automatically a tMysqlOutput component.
  4. Remove the tLogRow component from your Job.
  5. Reconnect the out1 output flow from the tMap to the new component tMysqlOutput.
    Screenshot of the Job in the Designer.
  6. On the Basic settings tab of the tMysqlOutput component:
    1. Type in LA_Orange_Clients in the Table field to name your target table which will get created on the fly.
    2. Select the Drop table if exists and create option or on the Action on table field.
    3. Click Edit Schema and click the Reset DB type button (DB button on the tool bar) in order to fill out automatically the DB type if need be.
  7. Run again the Job.


The target table should be automatically created and filled with data.