Adding a dataset from a local file - 8.0

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A dataset holds the raw data that can be used as the raw material for one or more preparations.

The easiest way to import data into the application is to create a dataset from one of your local files.

By default, Talend Data Preparation allows you to import files up to 2GB in size. However, you can modify this value through the dataset.local.file.size.limit parameter in the <TDP_Installation_Path>/dataprep/config/ configuration file.


  1. In the Datasets view of the Talend Data Preparation homepage, click the white arrow next to the Add Dataset button.
  2. Select Local File.
  3. Browse your files to select the one to import.

    You can import the following file types to use as dataset:

    • XLS/XLSX
    • CSV


Your dataset automatically opens and you can start your preparation.

The dataset is added to the list in the Datasets view of the homepage.