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Data Quality and Preparation > Cleansing data
In order to write very large or very small numbers, you can use symbols from the metric system, such as 1k for 1000.
Symbols Name Description
T Tera 1T = 1000000000000
G Giga 1G = 1000000000
M Mega 1M = 1000000
k Kilo 1k = 1000
h Hecto 1h = 100
da Deca 1da = 10
d Deci 1d = 0.1
c Centi 1c = 0.01
m Milli 1m = 0.001
µ Micro 1µ = 0.000001
n Nano 1n = 0.000000001
p Pico 1p = 0.000000000001