Preparing data from a database in a Talend Job - Cloud - 8.0

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This scenario applies only to subscription-based Talend products.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

The tDataprepRun component allows you to reuse an existing preparation made in Talend Data Preparation or Talend Cloud Data Preparation, directly in a data integration Job. In other words, you can operationalize the process of applying a preparation to input data with the same model.

The following scenario creates a simple Job that :

  • retrieves a table from a MySQL database, that holds some employee-related data,
  • applies an existing preparation on this data,
  • outputs the prepared data into an Excel file.

This assumes that a preparation has been created beforehand, on a dataset with the same schema as your input data for the Job. In this case, the existing preparation is called datapreprun_scenario.

Note: Having the same schema on both ends ensures a coherent result, but the Job will still run even if the schema is different.

This simple preparation puts the employees last names into upper case and isolate the employees with a salary greater than 1500$.