Adding and linking components - 8.0

Data Service and Routing Examples

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  1. From the palette, drag and drop a tPrejob, a tMysqlConnection, a tRouteInput, a tMap, a tLogRow, a tMysqlOuput, a tPostjob and a tMysqlClose component onto the design workspace. Link them together with the Row > Main connection.
  2. Link the tPrejob component to the tMysqlConnection component using a Trigger > On Component Ok connection to build the pre-job.
  3. Link the tRouteInput component to the tMap component using a Row > Main connection.
  4. Connect the tMap component to the tLogRow component using the Row > New Output (Main) connection and name the output connection as row2.
  5. Link the tLogRow component to the tMysqlOuput component using a Row > Main connection.
  6. Link the tPostjob component to the tMysqlClose component using a Trigger > On Component Ok connection to build the post-job.

    The use of tMysqlClose in the post-job as shown above in the Route-Job example is not valid for Data Service operation Jobs containing tESBProviderRequest, tESBProviderResponse, tESBProviderFault, or tRestRequest components. In these kind of Jobs it is not recommended to use close connection components like tMySQLClose. Because closing datasource connection is implemented directly in the tESBProvider* and tRestRequest components.