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  1. Double-click tRouteInput to open its Basic settings view in the Component tab.
    Basic settings view.
  2. Click [...] next to Edit Schema. In the schema dialog box, click the plus button to add a new line of String type and name it body. Set the length of this column to 50. Click OK to close the dialog box.
    Schema dialog box.
  3. In the Simple Expression column for the body element, enter "${in.body}" to get the body of the input message from the Route.
  4. Double-click tMap to open the tMap editor.
    tMap editor.
  5. In the lower right corner of the tMap editor, click [+] to add a column of String type in the output table and name it welcomeText. Set the length of this column to 50.
  6. In the upper left corner of the editor, select the body column and drop it to the output table. In the Expression field of the output table, add + " Talend!" as the welcome text. When done, click OK to validate your changes, close the editor and propagate the changes to the next component.
  7. The tLogRow component is used to monitor data processed and does not need any configuration.
  8. Double-click tMysqlOuput to open its Basic settings view in the Component tab.
    Basic settings view.
  9. Select the Use an existing connection check box and select the tMysqlConnection_1 in the Component List to reuse the connection details that you have already set. In the Table name field, enter Hello as the name of the table to be created. Select Drop table if exists and create in the Action on table list, and select Insert in the Action on data list. Click Sync columns to retrieve the schema set in the tMap.