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In the pre-job, the component does not have any parameter or property to configure. It just initialize the connection to the MySQL database before the execution of the main Job. So all the required configurations are made in the tMysqlConnection component.


  1. Double-click tMysqlConnection to open its Basic settings view in the Component tab.
    Basic settings view.
  2. Set the database connection details in the relevant fields, including the host name or IP address of your database server, the listening port number, the database name, the user name and password for your database authentication.
    These connection parameters are used when you run the Route to call this Job in Talend Studio. If you want to deploy the Route and the Job in Talend Runtime, you can leave these parameters empty and go to the next step directly.
  3. Select the Specify a data source alias check box and enter the data source alias, which is set in the datasource configuration file in Talend Runtime.
  4. In the Advanced Settings tab, select the Auto Commit check box to commit any changes to the database automatically upon the transaction.
    Advanced settings view.