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From the Services item of the Repository tree view, you are able to define the Web service of interest by creating a WSDL file or by importing an existing WSDL file.

In this scenario, we will create a new WSDL file to define the airport Web service.

For more information on how to create a WSDL file from scratch, see the Creating a Service and Editing a WSDL file sections of the Talend Studio User Guide.


  1. On the Repository tree view, right-click the Services node and from the contextual menu, select Create Service.
  2. In the pop-up wizard, enter the information corresponding to the fields you need to complete. In this scenario, enter airport in the Name field. Click Next to go to the next step.
  3. Select the Create new WSDL option.
  4. Click Finish to validate this creation.
    The service opens in the design workspace with a basic WSDL skeleton, which contains one service, one binding and one port type of one operation.
  5. Right-click the port airportPort in the WSDL skeleton and select Show properties. In its Properties view, define its name in the Name field, for example, airportSoap. In the Address field, specify the address where you want the service to be published, for example, http://localhost:8200/airport.service.
  6. Click the binding in the WSDL skeleton. In its Properties view, define the name of the binding, for example airportSoap.
  7. Click the portType airportPortType in the WSDL skeleton. In its Properties view, define the name of the portType, for example airportSoap.
  8. Click the operation airportOperation in the WSDL skeleton. In its Properties view, set its name as getAirportInformationByISOCountryCode.
  9. Save the WSDL file. We will use it to build the Web service.
    Then the newly defined Web service with exclamation icon displays under the Services node of the Repository view. The exclamation icon means that this defined Web service is not yet used.
  10. Under the Services node, right-click airport 0.1 and select Import WSDL Schemas.
    This option imports the WSDL metadata from the service into the Repository, under the Metadata > File xml, which allows you to share the operations details across services and other components.