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  1. Click the tFixedFlowInput component from the Misc component group of the Palette, then click to the left of the design workspace to place it on the design area.
  2. Do the same to drop tXMLMap, tESBConsumer and a tLogRow component from their respective group on the Palette.
  3. To link the input components to the mapper, simply right-click tFixedFlowInput, hold and drop it to tXMLMap.
  4. To link tXMLMap to tESBConsumer, right-click tXMLMap, hold and drag to tESBConsumer. A pop-up window displays, type in the name you want to give to the output row link: request, for example and then accept the propagation that prompts you to get the schema from tESBConsumer.
  5. Link the tESBConsumer component to it with a Response row link.

    Then the data service consumer Job looks like this:

    Screenshot of the Job in the design workspace.


Then you need to configure each of these components.