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Talend provides a number of database components that allow you to change dynamically the type of database you want to work on. These components are available in the Database Common group under the Databases family of the Palette for standard data integration Jobs.

The database components have only one property in the Basic settings view: the Database drop-down list. This property allows you to select the database of your interest.

For more information on the database components families, see:

Database name Settings section
Access Access components
Amazon Aurora Amazon Aurora components
Amazon MySQL Amazon Aurora components through its MySQL bundles
Amazon Oracle Amazon Aurora components through its Oracle bundles

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift components


AS400 components
Delta Lake Delta Lake components
Exasol Exasol components
FireBird Firebird components
Greenplum Greenplum components
IBM DB2 DB2 components
Informix Informix components
Ingres Ingres components
Interbase Interbase components (deprecated)
JDBC JDBC components
MemSQL MemSQL components (deprecated)
Microsoft SQL Server tMysqlConnection
MySQL MySQL components
Netezza Netezza components
Oracle Oracle components
ParAccel ParAccel components (deprecated)
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL components
SAPHana SAP components


SingleStore components
SQLite SQLite components
Snowflake Snowflake components
Sybase (ASE and IQ) Sybase components
Teradata Teradata components
VectorWise VectorWise components
Vertica Vertica components